Playing cards

A boy is thirsty in the middle of the night so he gets up to get a drink of water. as he's going to the washroom down the hall, he looks into his parents bedroom and sees the sheets bouncing up and down. so he asks '' mother, what are you doing? '' and the mother says shes playing card with his father. the boy shrugs and walks on. then he looks into his sisters bedroom and the sheets are bouncing up and down and asks '' sister, what are you doing? the sister says that she's playing cards with her boyfriend. the boy shrugs and gets his water. an hour later the father walks out of the bedroom to get a snack from the kitchen. as he's walking he looks into his sons bedroom and sees the sheets bouncing up an down. he asks '' son, what are you
doing? '' and the son say he's playing cards. the dad is confused with this so he asks '' '' with who? '' and the son says '' you dont need a partner if you have a good hand ''

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